Community Guideline

Last Updated, October 19, 2020
Clapper’s mission is to inspire creativity and voice out without the fear of censorship. We are creating a platform of neutrality and free speech where users can hold a conversation and discover the world around them through contents. For us the foremost priority is to keep our community safe because everyone of age above 17 can be part of this platform and we want to assure the comfort of expressing themselves. We encourage unbiased free speech as long as the content abides by the laws of the United States of America.

We believe the community on Clapper can be defined by you, the Clapper users. We advocate that our users manage the community as moderators. We are inviting creators and users in Clapper to co-design community guides with the most basic principles so as to make sure it won’t stand against freedom of speech, which is followed by the first amendment.

Our Community guidelines are based on three principals: Equality, Unbiasedness and Respect. At Clapper, we advocate free speech, not hate speech. We advocate debate, not abuse. We advocate open-mindedness, not personal attacks. We advocate originality, not plagiarism. Clapper users should control your power and responsibility in moderating your own content. Great power comes with great responsibility.

The community guidelines are applicable to everyone on Clapper. These rules are enforced by us, the admins.


1) Remember everyone on the platform are humans, that means they FEEL. We strictly do not allow bullying, identity-based attacks, violence, racism or impersonation on our platform.
2) We do not allow content advocating or provoking for violence.
3) Every user has the right of privacy, so we do not allow posting of someone’s confidential or non-consensual details.
4) We do not allow promotion or selling of illegal commodities abiding to the rules of the United States.
5) Strict ban on pornography and sexual content involving minors.

At Clapper, we’re committed tocontinuous improvement toward fulfilling our mission with our users.


We have a variety of ways to enforce these guidelines as per the gravity of violation. Few of our ways but not limited to :

- Few days account ban: A warning
- Deleting the content: A warning
- Suspension of account for 3 days: Last warning
- Deletion of account: Action
- Device ban: You are not allowed on our platform anytime

Reporting Violations

Clapper relies upon its users to report violations of these Guidelines using Clapper Community Jury.

Clapper Community Jury

  • A user reports a piece of content — a video, comment, or user profile.
  • Reports are sent to the Jury Portal for review by members of the Community Jury, we will release an announcement via @clapperjury.
  • Community Jurors review each report and determine whether the Community Guidelines have been violated, and also whether they believe the content is illegal content that should no longer be displayed.
  • The violation reports are passed through a quorum system, in which five “guilty” votes are required for a final “guilty” verdict. In the system, which operates successively, once either two not-guilty verdicts or four guilty verdicts are rendered, then a final verdict of not-guilty or guilty is reached (respectively). Content permanently removed (in the case of illegality), as appropriate.
    • If guilty, users will be warned via a notification about their violation details
      • bullying
      • identity-based attacks
      • racism
      • sexual content involving
    • After the first warning, if users were guilty again, the account will be frozen for 3 days. Can’t post videos, comments, direct messages.
    • After the account is valid again, if users were guilty the third time, the account will be banned.
  • The Community Jury is composed of moderators, verified Creators, who participate in regular training sessions to address any questions they have about applying the Community Guidelines.

Free speech never stops, we would like to truly thanks for Clapper Community Contributor list: @tophermusictown, @clapperketodori, @Arielfocus, @cm.mike, @ketokeuhnnutrition, @Keeva, @rweisenbarger, @Conservativeant, @Evan, @SeattleRob, @keta_fireup and more.